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DataPath History

Datapath was established in 1982 by Tony Jones, Steve De’Ath, and Brett Butcher. Within 6 months the first product was launched, a low cost color graphics terminal which firmly
Established Datapath as a viable company. We continued to develop graphics computer terminals for mini computers during the early to mid 80’s and gained a leading position in
the UK and German markets.

In 1986 we launched our first high performance plug-in graphics card for PC’s, the QPC )Quad Pixel Control) as increasingly the PC overtook the minicomputer for CAD applications.
Datapath’s business in computer graphics continues to thrive with further generations of graphics cards, the Merlin (1990) and the Harlequin (1992). Focusing mainly on high value specialist
markets such as radar display simulations, real-time 3D display, 3D virtual reality, 3D heads up displays and medical imaging applications, Datapath introduced the 3D Merlin and the 2D
Orion range in 1994.

Towards the second half of the 90’s there was a significant growth in multi display solutions for workstations, particularly for the financial markets. (Note the similarity with Pixell’s history)
Reacting to this growth the Twin Orion 64 was successfully launched in 1995, capturing a significant share of the European market for multi display trading desks.

In 2000 Datapath introduced the Horizon family of graphics cards for video wall applications. This product attracted many new customers, proved very successful and expanded Datapath’ s
reach into the North American (Including Pixell) and Asia Pacific markets. The VisionRGB video capture card range, also launched in 2000, was integrated with the Horizon graphics card to
provide RGB capture for video wall applications. Building on the success of the Horizon
and the VisionRGB products, in 2003 Datapath launched an upgraded and improved iH4 graphics
card and the VisionRGB - PRO capture card, which have been extremely successful products.

In 2006, datapath launched a new range of higher performance graphics cards and video capture products, and also introduced a switched fabric backplane, Vantage 4, Mosaic SQ 16 and Express 16. These products provided improved graphics performance and up to 128 video capture windows, with support for HD video and high-performance RGB capture.

By 2007 datapath could offer a complete high end product range in addition to the mid-tier iH4 and VisionRGB - PRO products. From the launch of the VisionRGB-PRO video capture card in 2002,  there were many inquiries for video streaming applications, this led to the development of video streaming driver software which was released in 2003. There has been significant increase in sales for  capture cards in this market area and we continue to develop new software and features for this sector.

Working with our customers Datapath has developed a broad range of capture cards for display wall, medical imaging, machine vision, video conferencing, distance learning and other applications. Datapath’ s latest generation of video wall products center around the image range of graphics cards and vision capture cards. The vision range of pc-based video wall controllers was launched in 2009 and our first standalone controller - the Datapath x4 was released in 2010.

Previously winning the Queen's Award in international trade in 2005, Datapath have now proved continuous innovation too old and new products by winning the prestigious
Queens Award for Innovation in 2005.